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Welcome to Durban

  • 2013-07-13

Sawubona (hello) and welcome to Durban!



Rich in cultural diversity that includes African, Eastern and Western influences, Durban is also one of the friendliest and most soulful cities in South Africa. We’re laid back here, friendly and never bored, for there is always something to do here - even if sometimes that means doing very little and simply enjoying the beautiful scenery!


Durban has been blessed with a mild, sub-tropical climate with sunshine for an average of 320 days a year, making it one of the country’s top holiday destinations. It has a magnificent beachfront along the Indian Ocean and a strong surfing tradition. The promenade along the beach, which stretches for several kilometres, is always alive with walkers, joggers, cyclists, in line skaters, skateboarders and traders.


Boasting the biggest harbour in Southern Africa, Durban offers a great deal of entertainment on the waterfront as well as an eclectic selection of restaurants, bars, street markets, temples, museums, galleries, sports stadiums, gardens and shops in and around the city.


The iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium, created for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, redefined the Durban landscape and is one of several architectural feats that set our great city apart, including the outstanding ICC, venue of .


A proud host of ICANN-47, Durban welcomes all delegates. May you have a wonderful time here, meet some of the extraordinary people of this city, sample the local cuisine, enjoy the many festivals and green events, and take home some of the unique art and Zulu crafts.



Welcome from the Mayor


There is a custom among the AmaZulu, the People of the Sky, called “SiyakulekaIkhaya”, or “Greeting The Home”. This is when the village gatekeeper – a very important personage – welcomes visitors and regales them with praises of the village’s many great attributes.


As a gatekeeper of sorts, there is much I can say in praise of this “Place of the Bay”, where a diversity of cultures lives and works together.


I can speak of sun-drenched beaches, of being able to see the Big Five less than three hours outside of Durban. I can tell you of a city of vivid contrasts, where you can buy the latest designer outfits in air-conditioned malls or roam markets where, in the shadow of high-rise office blocks, African arts and crafts are displayed next to some of the hottest Indian spices on the planet and stalls selling ingredients used in traditional medicines to ward off evil or help you find love.


I can say these things and more, much more, but you will soon experience for yourself the vibrant mix that makes Durban a uniquely African city.


So for now let me simply say, on behalf of Durban: Welcome! The African adventure of a lifetime awaits you in our warm-hearted city!



Welcome from the City Manager


We welcome this great opportunity to host ICANN-47and meet with the top minds of the world. Equally, it is an opportunity for you to engage with our city and meet some of the extraordinary people who live here and help to make Durban both interesting and exciting.

You will discover that this city, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, has a lot going for it - from the wonderfully rich mix of cultures that mingle here to the great hospitality, creativity and laid-back lifestyle. In addition to the many attractions of the city and its immediate surroundings, game parks and some of the greatest diving spots in the world are just a few hours away.

You will be exposed to both age-old tradition as well as the modern, urban Africa that respects the old ways, while embracing the modern. You will experience the vibrant culture of Durban and, even though your stay is brief, I’m sure you will realize that Durban is a very special place.

Welcome, and please come back again soon.